When I got the call that Crispin Glover (George McFly in the movie) was coming to town I knew it would be a great chance to catch up and meet the star of the greatest time travel movie of all time we all love – Back to The Future! Our appearance created quite a major stir with traffic stopping to take pics and it got a bit crazy at one point where a taxi driver started to tell Crispin’s PR people that he was the owner of the car … I made quick work of that one I assure you and talked shop with his people at length and learnt a mega ton about Crispin’s world tour. The show was certainly very arty and very high brow but it wasn’t until I got to shake hands and meet Crispin Glover in a one to one exclusive 10 minute conversation that I learnt a ton of things I had never known before. Crispin singled me out and VERY much so eyeball to eyeball told me things I can never repeat with his finger pointing authoritively like he does in the movie scene of “You leave her alone Biff!”… it was literally like that and I of course loved every minute! He gave me a message to personally deliver to another major movie star that was both shocking and totally unbelievable, but you have to remember BTTF is my life and I know full well of course that it is “just” a movie, but a very important one and I don’t think for a second that it was a real event/documentary. I have only limited Hollywood knowledge from friends who worked in the movies and it’s all stuff that you’d have to be there to understand. As a fan I only know what I see on screen and what my friends in the US who work in movie props tell me from first hand experience. It’s a largely unknown domain and one that only a movie star would understand. That being said I do want to say that Crispin went OUT OF HIS WAY to talk to me at length and my best moment was when I told him that we the fans love him and the movie all over the world and were so greatful that he came down to Australia to see us all. After that I got a nice big grin and it was really wonderful to see that and I’ll never forget it. Linking with him mentally was a major rollercoaster of images and it was extremely clear that Crispin is a highly advanced individual and nothing like his on screen persona in the movie that we all love. To this day the shows I do to promote the movie always get chuckles when he’s on screen doing his stuff so yeah we really do all love him and I think it’s important he knows that. I don’t know what happened on set personally as I wasn’t there but all I do know is that the movie is the planet’s most important movie that could fix all the world’s problems if it simply adopted it’s principles of “What you do today changes tomorrow” as I’ve said all over the planet in the world press which is very true. It was great introducing my partner to Crispin and talking shop with a real live movie star. He said some wonderful things about what I was doing for charity and was clearly impressed as we were with him. Those handshakes will stay with me forever as it’s thru them that I’m able to learn extreme volumes of information from people and that’s just the truth and what I do. I’m sure Crispin also learnt how much we love the movie down here and how we wish all the movie stars the very best for their own futures as they’ve done a priceless service for us the fans to come and see us. It was great to promote the movie in front of more large crowds and traffic and I can’t begin to imagine how many photos of the time machine were taken as the cameras were pretty much going off continually thru the night of which we finished the show at something like 2am as Crispin gave everyone in this long line a full one to one meet and greet and I thought that was pretty amazing as he must have been totally exhausted after a big show like that where he did all the work. The fans around the world love the movie stars and only want all of them to continue their success and happiness as we will continue to fly the flag for the movie to new generations of people I get to meet continually who are first timers and nothing makes me happier than to see the kids light up like a Xmas tree in their pics sitting in the car. That is what time travel is all about – making people happy and the fans will always love all those who made this wonderful film possible. I hope you enjoy my video and thanks for watching! Cheers, Doc Braun 🙂



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